About Us

dakshcreation.com is an online shopping site founded by Sharma Clothing . It is a new-age fashion shopping site which brings chic and trendy women clothing suited to the taste of every fashion-forward lady at reasonable prices.

Fashion is not just about putting on a new dress and heading out. Fashion is all about  happiness and fresh feeling. It is not just about the latest trends or which dresses  or tops/suit  to buy but also about what women are feeling in real time.

Our motive to provide hassle free service door to door and online and make people (he/she) happy in real time.

What other shopping website follow

Brand > Dealer > Seller > shopping website > Customer.

What dakshcreation follow

Product > dakshcreation.com > Customers.

At dakshcreation.com, we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. We have a team of talented professional who strive to bring the best online experience to our customers.

All the customers of dakshcreation.com would surely get :

  • Broader selection of products from round the globe
  • Superior buying experience
  • Easy Payment System
  • Quick solution of any concerns

As we grow, we will include other wonderful things for you awesome people (he/she), but we will always remember that ‘Quality of product’ !

We always ready for feedback, If you have any feedback or suggestion regarding product , website or services please feel free to mail at info@dakshcreation.com